Christmas Gift Idea Antique Ornament

Gift Idea #10

This lacy pattern is simple but remarkably beautiful on a simple ball ornament. With pearl seed beads and a bit of linen, you can create a classy gift in a short time. The pattern is relatively simple if you are accustomed to lace knitting but easy to catch on if you aren’t.

Christmas Gift Ideas Knitted Holly

Idea #8 This is the first good looking holly that I’ve found. This would make a good ornament or adornment on sweaters, bags, hats, pillows or any Christmasy project. I love the berries and the detail in the holly leaves.

Christmas Gift Ideas Knitted Nativity Scene

Gift Idea #7 Knitted Nativity Scene

This is for the especially religious or for those knitters who have an inordinate amount of time on their hands. I’m sure who ever receives this gift will be astonished and grateful at the amount of detail in these knitted figurines. There is mini Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Kings, Shepherd and even Sheep. I’m not quite sure that I’ll be jumping on this idea myself, but it certainly is unique and worthy of looking at.

Christmas Gift Ideas Cabled Stocking

Gift Idea #6 – Cabled Knit Stocking

I don’t know if anyone had noticed, but I love cables. Love, love, love cables. I may not love following intricate patterns and getting lost among the twist 3 back purl 1 fronts of patterns and losing my place but I love the look and texture of patterns. I was looking for a knit stocking pattern because a list of Christmas gift ideas is not complete without at least one stocking and found this. It is so simple and yet elegant. The pattern is a bit more difficult than the previous ones I’ve picked but it looks to be well worth the time and effort.

Christmas Gift Ideas Santa Hat

My fifth Christmas gift idea is an adorable santa hat that is relatively simple but will be cherished by whoever wears it. It looks like it would be convertible to any worsted weight yarn but I selected this version in particular because I liked the way the chenille yarn looked in the picture. I especially liked the bright white rim and bobble at the end of the hat. Make it as a gift or do it for yourself and show off.

Christmas Gift Ideas Knitted Nativity Scene

My fourth Christmas gift idea is a bit more complicated than the previous three. This is found on the website. It is a great gift for a tea drinker who likes to pull out the tea pot. It is a tea cozy with candy canes sewn on. This is very cute and will be adored by whoever receives it.

Christmas Gift Fjord Holiday Ornament

Gift idea #3.

This is a nicely knit up holiday ornament. This is done in fair isle or stranded knitting with two or more different colors. If you are looking for a more traditional ornament, this is it. Directions are given in both chart form as well written out. I think it would be great with a styrofoam ball in the middle, knitting the two halves separately and then sewing them together. I haven’t tried this yet, but that would be my idea.

Christmas Gift Deck the Balls

My second choice for an easy to make Christmas gift is found on allfreecrafts website. These are bell ornaments which appear to be easy to knit up. With some shiny yarn, a metallic bell and perhaps adding some beading, you’ll have gifts which will be admired for years to come. They look like wedding bells and would probably make a good wedding gift or  a decoration. I’d love to post a picture but can’t without violating copyright law so please check out the website below.

Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m going to try an idea. On TV, they are having the twenty-five days of Christmas and are playing special movies in celebration. I am going to try to post a Christmas gift idea every day until Christmas day. These will be free patterns available on the internet that can be made for yourself or for someone else.  Some will be things that I’ve already made, but most will not be.

I have to begin with the Toy Box Snowman by Jean Greenhowe. It’s a quick knit stuffed animal that has gotten a lot of praise at work. There are plenty of variations that can be made using the base pattern. I made this with Caron Simply Soft but any worsted weight yarn will do.

Merry Christmas

To all who knit, crochet, or simply peruse, Merry Christmas. May your stockings be filled with needles and knickknacks and your yarn plush. May projects be plentiful and the ideas unending. May your family be warm with fuzzy, soft, colorful accessories. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knit!