Christmas Gift Ideas Snowman Ornament

Gift Idea #21

If you are still looking for knit ideas at this point, you are nearly out of time. Your best bet would be to stick with the ornaments because they are quick knit and often can be made out of small amounts of yarn already in your stash. Below is a cute little snowman. With short simple instructions, this can be whipped up in no time and will appear to have taken much more effort and time.

Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m going to try an idea. On TV, they are having the twenty-five days of Christmas and are playing special movies in celebration. I am going to try to post a Christmas gift idea every day until Christmas day. These will be free patterns available on the internet that can be made for yourself or for someone else.  Some will be things that I’ve already made, but most will not be.

I have to begin with the Toy Box Snowman by Jean Greenhowe. It’s a quick knit stuffed animal that has gotten a lot of praise at work. There are plenty of variations that can be made using the base pattern. I made this with Caron Simply Soft but any worsted weight yarn will do.