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I live in Southwest Florida with newly wed husband and my four wonderful cats.  I love living in the Sunshine State and am ready to pull out the sweaters when it turns a chilly 70 degrees.  I am originally from Long Island, but lived in Summerville, South Carolina for a year and a half before moving down here.  I am hoping to stay still for quite a while now I believe I’m still sore from moving that last time.

I work Monday through Friday 8-5 in a cubicle.  I daydream about opening a knitting/ book/ coffee/ tea shop.  I’m very shy to begin with and my sales skills are less than optimum so I’m not sure how well I’d do at my own business.  Plus I certainly do not have the money to open a business.  I can enjoy my daydreams in the meantime.  I’m also hoping to go back to school for my bachelor’s in accounting.  I majored in English the first time around (and I use it EVERY day). 

I love my life and my many hobbies.  I obviously knit- a lot!  It is my therapy.  I read once that knitter’s tend to have busy minds and cannot do only one thing at once.  It is a way of keeping at peace.  Then again, I also know that people in mental facilities are taught to knit and crochet as well.  I don’t know if I’m really smart or really crazy- perhaps both.  I can’t just sit and watch tv or sit in the passenger’s seat of the car.  Knitting is handy too.  You can bring it almost anywhere (if you are going on a plane- bring bamboo needles instead of metal and leave the scissors home). 

I also love reading.  I devour books.  I love the library.  The last book I read was Moloka’i by Alan Brenning.  Did I mention that I have  a walk in closet and one wall is made up of books!  Yes, I love them more than clothes.  I do paint occasionally but haven’t done it in a while because I always make a mess.  I used to write short stories and poetry, but haven’t delved into it lately. 



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