Christmas Gift Idea Santa Ornament

Gift Idea #12

Here is an easy ornament to make for the Santa fan. The hardest part about making this will probably be trying to find flesh colored yarn, but pink seems to work. All you need is a little scrap red, pink and white yarn and a half an hour of time.

Christmas Gift Idea Shelf Santa

Gift Idea #11

I really like this one but it’s a bit more complicated that the previous patterns. This shelf Santa is a doll made of dk yarn. The pattern isn’t in the best format and may be a little hard to follow. I’d recommend using a ruler or a magnetic map. It is sewn together and stuffed. While it may not be the most user friendly pattern, I think the end result would be worth the effort.

Christmas Gift Ideas Santa Hat

My fifth Christmas gift idea is an adorable santa hat that is relatively simple but will be cherished by whoever wears it. It looks like it would be convertible to any worsted weight yarn but I selected this version in particular because I liked the way the chenille yarn looked in the picture. I especially liked the bright white rim and bobble at the end of the hat. Make it as a gift or do it for yourself and show off.