Christmas Gift Ideas Celestine Star

Gift Idea #22

I was looking for an ornament to post because chances are if you are looking for ideas at this point, you need a quick knit object. Then I came across this dodecahedron star (please don’t ever make me pronounce that). This does not appear to be a quick knit object, but it is truly unique. It doubles either as a tree topper or a stuffed animal. If you use different colors for each point, it would make a great baby toy!

Have Fun.

Christmas Gift Ideas Snowman Ornament

Gift Idea #21

If you are still looking for knit ideas at this point, you are nearly out of time. Your best bet would be to stick with the ornaments because they are quick knit and often can be made out of small amounts of yarn already in your stash. Below is a cute little snowman. With short simple instructions, this can be whipped up in no time and will appear to have taken much more effort and time.

Christmas Gift Idea Knit Garland

Gift Idea #19

This is truly unique. There is a pattern for a quick knit holiday garland made out of a fun fur like yarn. Personally, I think this would look better with a more metallic fun fur, like silver with a little dark green thrown in, but it still looks remarkably good. I’m not sure how long it would hold up outdoors but it would be used indefinitely inside.

Christmas Gift Ideas Knitted Mice

Gift Idea #17

These knitted holiday mice are adorable and made out of worsted weight yarn.  This is a great use for left over balls of yarn from other projects. The author gives instructions for knitting them flat or in the round, with worsted or sport weight yarn. The pattern is fairly easy to read and these could me made pretty quickly.

Christmas Gift Idea Elf Hat

Gift Idea #15

This is a three in one link. First, you have three different versions of elf hats. I want the one with the elf ears. I wish I had seen this a few weeks ago. This would be great to where to a Christmas party if you like to stand out.

Second there are elf slippers. The curled toed footwear are almost too adorable. Imagine running around the house in these Christmas morning.

Finally there is a Christmas tree hat. Now to complete the look, you’d have to somehow attach Christmas lights or knit up Christmas lights (see previous post).

My favorite is still the Elf Hat with the huge ears.

Christmas Gift Idea Shelf Santa

Gift Idea #11

I really like this one but it’s a bit more complicated that the previous patterns. This shelf Santa is a doll made of dk yarn. The pattern isn’t in the best format and may be a little hard to follow. I’d recommend using a ruler or a magnetic map. It is sewn together and stuffed. While it may not be the most user friendly pattern, I think the end result would be worth the effort.

Christmas Gift Ideas Knitted Nativity Scene

Gift Idea #7 Knitted Nativity Scene

This is for the especially religious or for those knitters who have an inordinate amount of time on their hands. I’m sure who ever receives this gift will be astonished and grateful at the amount of detail in these knitted figurines. There is mini Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Kings, Shepherd and even Sheep. I’m not quite sure that I’ll be jumping on this idea myself, but it certainly is unique and worthy of looking at.

Christmas Gift Ideas Cabled Stocking

Gift Idea #6 – Cabled Knit Stocking

I don’t know if anyone had noticed, but I love cables. Love, love, love cables. I may not love following intricate patterns and getting lost among the twist 3 back purl 1 fronts of patterns and losing my place but I love the look and texture of patterns. I was looking for a knit stocking pattern because a list of Christmas gift ideas is not complete without at least one stocking and found this. It is so simple and yet elegant. The pattern is a bit more difficult than the previous ones I’ve picked but it looks to be well worth the time and effort.