2 Weeks

Two weeks have gone by and I haven’t knit a thing. My newest issue of Interweave Knits is sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me for a little over two weeks. Time is precious and in short supply. I was hoping to knit a rabbit stuffed animal for my mother’s boyfriend’s birthday. He talks about the neighborhood bunnies like they are his friends but I have less than two weeks before I see him. I think I might try to make mini-bunnies from a library book instead but I’m still not sure about time. The full size rabbit stuffed animal is so cute though!

There is a definite difference in my mood between being able to knit and not having enough time. Crafting activities are great stress relievers. As of now, I am not getting any relief from this stress!

Hopefully I’ll have more to post soon.

One thought on “2 Weeks

  1. Tracy

    Knitting is certainly stress relieving for me…here’s wishing you some bunny knitting time….
    Do you remember the bunny knit out of a square from a few years back that was all the rage?? looks doable and fast….

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