Thanksgiving, History & Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a day of showing gratitude, of family and of eating. It is also a day of reflecting on the past. We celebrate two cultures coming together and sharing a bountiful harvest. America is built on that ideal of plenty. Many will gather whether in front of the family table or in restaurants through out the country but so many are less fortunate, especially recently. Be grateful for what you have and remember those who have less.

Aside from that, Thanksgiving is about the past and I was just flipping through the latest Interweave Knits magazine, I came across an article Taking Flight by Bethany Lyttle. The article remarks on a mill in New England. It is about Pam Allen who created a yarn company, Quince & Co. The article was intriguing but it made me think about the history of knitting and how much we’ve changed.

Knitting is about creation, now and then. Most knitters know that it is actually less expensive and time-consuming to run into the local Wal-mart and pick up a $1 pair of gloves then to put the hours, the attention and the more pricey yarn into a pair of homemade gloves. Yet, once upon a time, this was a necessity. Can you imagine the pilgrim’s knitting socks and gloves to keep warm in the cold Northeast winter? Did they have sheep around so that they could create their own yarn to make into protective clothing? Of course. My closet would be a lot smaller if I was required to hand make everything for my family!!

On that note, I am going to watch a movie and knit a pillow for my Grandmother. Happy Thanksgiving.

Project List – Keeping Busy Before Christmas

Project 1- Finished the knitted slippers. I was absolutely thrilled with the finished product that came out with the bird’s eye slippers. The colors were fantastic and they look adorable. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get much of a response on Ravelry. I was expecting a little more action. I may try again, making them for myself this time rather than a size and a half smaller. They are actually a Christmas gift for my Grandmother. I may also want to put buttons or some other kind of decoration on them.

Project 2- Almost complete- Toybox Snowman. I decided to make this for my mother as she is a big snowman fan. I had seen Jean Greenhowe’s patterns on Ravelry and I adore her projects. She has a bunch of free patterns posted on her website including the Toybox Snowman. So far I have the body complete and it actually looks pretty good. This is my second knitted stuffed animal project and it looks better than the Teddy Beach. I think this is because I’m using a thicker yarn than the last time. I’ll post pictures eventually.

Project 3- Pillow for Grandma. A few years ago I made a cabled blanket for my Grandmother for Christmas. I’ve decided to follow up with a small cabled pillow, pattern to follow.

Project 4- Options Baby Sacque. Did I mention I love knitting baby things!

Happy Knitting.

2010-10 Bird’s Eye Slippers

 Grandma’s Christmas present is finished. I wanted to make a felted pair of slippers but didn’t find anything I really wanted to make online. I saw different patterns that were similar and decided to try this on my own. I am working off of a simpler pattern that didn’t include the band across the top of the slipper and was knit in garter stitch.   

The finished slipper are a bit too small for me because while my Grandmother’s feet are about a size 7, mine are at least an 8 1/2. If done correctly, these shouldn’t be quite so stretched.   

I used size 3 needles with a 4 ply fingering yarn (Sidar Snuggly 4 ply) which is 55% nylon and 45% acrylic.   

8 stitches x 8 rows = 1 inch   


Cast on 44 stitches in A   

Row 1: With A, S1,K1 to end (Slip all stitches purl wise)   

Row 2: With A, Purl   

Row 3: With B, K1,S1 to end   

Row 4: With B Purl   

Continue this pattern about length of foot. Slipper will stretch so make it shorter than foot.   

End with an A row   


Slip needle through remaining stitches


Next Row: K2 Tog, repeat till end   

Next Row: P2 Tog, repeat till end   

Pull needle through remaining stitches and keep this tight. This will be the toe section and if loose, the toes will stick through the front.   

Pull stitches tightly. If loose, toes will stick through this section.


With right sides together, seam together both ends for about an inch and a half. Reinforce toe area.


With right sides together, seam together both ends for about an inch and a half. Reinforce toe area.   

With right sides together, seam together heel area.   








Cast on 16 stitches with color A   

Continue rows 1-4 for approximately 2 inches   

Bind off.   

With right sides together, sew the band to the edge of slipper as in picture. It should be about 1 ½ inches from toe seam edge.   

Flip slipper so that the right side is on the outside.   

Sew other  edge of band to other side of foot, about 1/4 inch from edge.   

With right sides together, sew together band and side of slipper.


Sew band onto top of slipper approximately 1/4 inch from edge. Right side should be flipped outward (like you would wear it.)


These were made for my grandmother who has size 7 feet and I have size 8.5. They are purposely made small and are tight on my feet in the pictures.   


I am asking that if you enjoy this pattern or use it, please donate to me on Ravelry. I have this listed for sale for $0.50. I have been and will continue to share my original patterns through my website but would appreciate a small contribution.  


Thank you,