Thanksgiving, History & Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a day of showing gratitude, of family and of eating. It is also a day of reflecting on the past. We celebrate two cultures coming together and sharing a bountiful harvest. America is built on that ideal of plenty. Many will gather whether in front of the family table or in restaurants through out the country but so many are less fortunate, especially recently. Be grateful for what you have and remember those who have less.

Aside from that, Thanksgiving is about the past and I was just flipping through the latest Interweave Knits magazine, I came across an article Taking Flight by Bethany Lyttle. The article remarks on a mill in New England. It is about Pam Allen who created a yarn company, Quince & Co. The article was intriguing but it made me think about the history of knitting and how much we’ve changed.

Knitting is about creation, now and then. Most knitters know that it is actually less expensive and time-consuming to run into the local Wal-mart and pick up a $1 pair of gloves then to put the hours, the attention and the more pricey yarn into a pair of homemade gloves. Yet, once upon a time, this was a necessity. Can you imagine the pilgrim’s knitting socks and gloves to keep warm in the cold Northeast winter? Did they have sheep around so that they could create their own yarn to make into protective clothing? Of course. My closet would be a lot smaller if I was required to hand make everything for my family!!

On that note, I am going to watch a movie and knit a pillow for my Grandmother. Happy Thanksgiving.