Project List – Keeping Busy Before Christmas

Project 1- Finished the knitted slippers. I was absolutely thrilled with the finished product that came out with the bird’s eye slippers. The colors were fantastic and they look adorable. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get much of a response on Ravelry. I was expecting a little more action. I may try again, making them for myself this time rather than a size and a half smaller. They are actually a Christmas gift for my Grandmother. I may also want to put buttons or some other kind of decoration on them.

Project 2- Almost complete- Toybox Snowman. I decided to make this for my mother as she is a big snowman fan. I had seen Jean Greenhowe’s patterns on Ravelry and I adore her projects. She has a bunch of free patterns posted on her website including the Toybox Snowman. So far I have the body complete and it actually looks pretty good. This is my second knitted stuffed animal project and it looks better than the Teddy Beach. I think this is because I’m using a thicker yarn than the last time. I’ll post pictures eventually.

Project 3- Pillow for Grandma. A few years ago I made a cabled blanket for my Grandmother for Christmas. I’ve decided to follow up with a small cabled pillow, pattern to follow.

Project 4- Options Baby Sacque. Did I mention I love knitting baby things!

Happy Knitting.