Plant Lady Sweater

It’s been a long time since I’ve knit something just for myself, especially something to wear. I’ve had so much Christmas knitting and then finished up my kid’s green raglan’s sweaters last winter. I made yet another blanket and finally it was time to make something just for me. I was blessed that in a round about way, I was gifted Claudia’s Hand painted Fingering Silk 55 which is a mix of merino and silk.

Claudia’s Hand Painted Fingering Silk 55 (now known as Oh Baby Merino Silk

The last few years have been tough but toughest on my waist line. My pretty knit sweaters and tee shirts no longer fit, and by far! I’m part of a Facebook group that has plus size patterns and sometime in the last year, the Plant Lady Sweater by “Amanita” Agata Mackiewicz pattern was shared. This has sizes XS (S, M1, M2) L, XL, 2XL, 3XL included. It is a bottom down pattern, which is not my favorite and I think I’ve learned a lot about fitting my own dimensions from my own mistakes. I did not follow the pattern exactly and it unfortunately shows!

I made this pattern long. I should have made it longer. I had trouble following the bottom lace pattern (due to children and distractions). It still looks good but I can tell the difference.

As I worked up the pattern, it wound up being huge, so I made some extra decreases and then made extra increases around the bust. Wearing it, I can tell. I shouldn’t have decreased so much and the bust is tight. My sleeves are tight too and I’m considering ripping them and making them both wider and longer.

All in all, I’m pretty happy. I think this is something I’d like to redo or take a top down raglan pattern and add the lace pattern at the bottom.


It seems like there are now social network sites for everything.  I’m one of those people who are completely addicted to Facebook but do not want to admit it.  I’m an online junkie who needs to recheck everything, including my knitwerks site, regularly.  I wake up, take a shower, go online. 

There are many knitting social network sites out there, but my favorite and probably the most popular is Ravelry.  It is a community for knitters, crocheters, spinners and dyers to join, share, and talk about the crafts they love.  There are thousands upon thousands of patterns available both free and for a fee.  You can search by yarn, by needle size, or even designer.  Their notebook section allows you to add yarns, needles, books and projects.  It is a great way to organize that mess of a stash you may have!

  One of my favorite features is the groups.  You can join other crafters based on favorite tv show, region, school, or similar interests.  There is a group for Knitty fans, for tea lovers, for cat people, for House fans and for nearly every local knitting shop.  Inside, you can commiserate, discuss events, and share projects that you are working on and have finished.

I love to browse the patterns.  You can use key words to help guide your search, but I generally wander aimlessly through page after page of recently added items, favoriting the ones I like the most in hopes that I come back to it.  This is a great inspiration and makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Organization, Projects, and More

Trying to organize.  This is what taking up knitting really means!
Trying to organize. This is what taking up knitting really means!

I was wandering through ravelry and the many groups that I have joined there when I stumbled upon Gabriella’s post. She wants to donate at least 50 scarves to the Abused Women’s Shelter here in Naples by Christmas. My mind immediately started rumbling through ideas. I have a stash of many scarves that I’ve finished with fun fur and similar materials that I’ve tried to sell before. I made some mad money last year with these fuzzy scarves but I have plenty of extras. I also have a tremendous stash that has overtaken my bedroom. I have yarn in tubs, under the bed, in dresser drawers and even in the walk in closet. If you think that’s bad- half my closet is books instead of clothes.
I pulled everything into the livingroom so I would have no choice but to go through everything and organize it. I put my needles away and even found a helpful tip online to organize circular needles. I put them in clear binder slots that would normally hold my patterns and other important papers. I have them in order from size 0-15. I went through yarn, winding and untangling. I now am the proud owner of an organized mess. I have to destash and what better way then by helping others.
I also love that I can make scarves because I can create new designs. I am brainstorming on what might work and still look good. I just wish that I was giving these to people who’d appreciate the warmth of a good scarf. We live in Southwest Florida and a scarf is rarely needed here.
I haven’t spoken to Gabriella yet but I do know that she is setting up kits for the project. She is merely looking for people to volunteer their time and energy. If you are interested in helping, Gabriella’s contact information can be found on her website I will try to keep everyone updated in the meantime.