St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m sitting outside of my marketing class waiting for the minutes to click by.  I should be reading and rereading the material because I’m pretty sure there will be a pop quiz.  However, I’ve done this at least five times already and my brain doesn’t want to take in anything more.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I should be somewhere else, drinking a pint of guiness and watching people with green headbands stumble over themselves while stammering Erin Go Bragh or Kiss me I’m Irish.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I should be sitting at home on the couch, working a row of the still unfinished baby blanket, thinking of new patterns to create.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I should be taking a nap, because I’m tired and would love a stay at home vacation laying in bed, watching movies, reading novels and petting cats.  Well- um- Happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway.