Before - Felting
After - Felting

Materials: 100% wool, pillow case, rubber band, top loading washer machine, hot water   

  • First pick out a 100% wool yarn.  Make sure it is not superwash.  You can check the label.  It should say whether it is feltable.  If you are not sure, make a swatch to felt beforehand to double-check.
  • Create a swatch to test how much it will shrink.  

(It is a great way to determine how big to make your item, but I’m lazy and never do this).  

  • Put your project into a pillow case and close with a rubber band.  This will protect your washer machine from the fuzzies that come off. 
  • Set the washer machine to the lowest water setting and set to highest temperature and longest possible cycle. 
  • Some instructions tell you to add detergent.  I find that there is enough residue in the washer that no more detergent is necessary.
  • Place project in pillow case into washer machine.  (Fuzz comes off the project during the cycle and can damage your machine if not placed in protective case.) Check project often.  I usually check after twenty minutes and then every ten minutes there after.  Do not let the washer enter the rinse cycle.  If project is ‘felted’ enough, restart agitation cycle again and keep checking!  You’ll be surprised how quickly those slippers can turn into doll’s clothes!
  • When your project is the right size, take it out of the washer and rinse the detergent residue off. 
  • Place somewhere to dry.  If you want a specific shape (like a big square purse) wrap a box or something related to the shape in a plastic bag and place in your item.  As it dries, your project will hold that shape.
  • Enjoy