Tomorrow is Friday, the day I most look forward to. I’m not feeling well and have been playing┬áthe ‘should I go home sick?’ game for the last few days. Needless to say, I have done my eight to four-thirty sentence and am welcoming the upcoming two day reprieve.

At what point in our mundane office worker lives did life begin revolving around the weekend. It’s only two days! I wake up early Monday morning groaning with a bit of extra coffee in my cup,dragging my lifeless self in. I force a smile on my face as my coworkers smile friendly and ask how my weekend was. But I haven’t had my pot of coffee and my brain is not functioning. Of course, my social skills have been going down the tube since they put me in the glass box by myself.

Tuesday comes and I am doing a little better. I remember a teacher in high school telling our class the Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. But I’m still dragging thinking of the four whole work days before the weekend.

Wednesday. The midpoint of the week. I’m still in depressed, staring at my green wall, wondering what the outside world looks like. I wish I at least had a window.

Thursday is here. Tomorrow is Friday. I can get my work done, try to ignore the hideous green wall, and wonder what I should do on Saturday. I think I just want to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Friday. Heavenly Friday. I count the minutes, with hope in every step. It’s only a matter of hours, then minutes and finally I am smiling as I wish everyone a happy weekend. It’s better than a pot of coffee!