Knit One Purl One Whine a bit

It’s Tuesday evening and I have a midterm tomorrow.  I’ve been studying since Saturday and my brain is getting tired.  Every once in a while, I get a row in of the baby blanket.  I am a bit over half way through and hope to have it done in 2-3 weeks.  I also have a new simple shawl on the needles.

I am having a small glass of Goats Do Roam wine to relax a bit while glancing back at my notes every few minutes.  It’s a great, inexpensive white wine.  I bought it at Publix after wine tasting and am now sad that the bottle is almost gone.  The australian wine is just the perfect texture and taste for a few sips before bed, a glass with a salad, or girls night in. 

One little note, knitting and drinking generally don’t go together.  A glass of wine or a beer while going through a simple pattern is fine, but the more you drink, the more mistakes you make.  For more intricate and lace patterns, a cup of tea is probably the better option. 

Back to work, both studying and working on the blanket!