Knitted Toys & Flat Ted

With so many babies around, expected, and imagined, I’ve decided to adventure into knitting toys. I’ve had the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor for quite some time, but never tried to knit anything from there. I love the book because it is bright, colorful and has great ideas. The directions are easy to follow and it doesn’t look like any of the projects are above an intermediate knitting level. There are charts for some of the projects included.

I knit up the Flat Ted (see picture above). I used Lion Brand Baby Soft which was a mistake. I probably would have been better off doubling up the yarn or using a smaller needle. The size six needle created two large of a gauge. It still is cute but could have looked much betterĀ and was hard to embroider. After two attempts at creating the face, I gave up and decided to create icordsĀ out of Caron Simply Soft Orange and Black that I had lying around. I think it looks okay, but it could certainly look better.

Many of the patterns included in the book call for Jaeger Baby Merino. One such pattern was the Squeaky Pig which I desperately want to make if I can find the right yarn. I have searched online but can’t find this yarn anywhere. I have a feeling it either no longer exists or is only available in Germany.

This is a fun book with great ideas. Maybe I’ll use scrap yarn to make the snake next. I need more stuffing!