So, less than a week out of the summer classes (accounting for all of you who don’t know me) I am already in daydreamy wanderlust mode. I’ve moved from New York, to South Carolina to Florida in the last five years. I’ve currently lived in the same place for the three years, the longest since I left my childhood home. My mother and her boyfriend used to travel a lot when I was a child and I was used to sleeping in a different hotel each night. The wish to keep moving hasn’t left me. I’ve been relatively happy in Florida, yet three days ago this idea flourished within me and it is has bloomed within me. Where is this place I am lusting after????

Portland, Oregon

Yes, the girl from the east coast has fallen into love. Does this have anything to do with Sock Summit taking place there last weekend? Maybe? The three main reasons I have fallen in love with this city in the last few days are 1- most microbreweries in any city in the country 2- fiber friendly area 3- nature. Yes, my husband and I would probably go broke in beer and knit shops (especially if occuring in that order) but I think I would love this city. It is a liberals dream land. Yet I am stuck in school and three years away from being vested for a government pension as long as it does not mysteriously disappear.  I’m  just in love lust with Portland, Oregon