Memorial Day Thoughts

It’s the last Monday in May. For most of us, that means an extra day off from work, maybe a barbecue with friends or a day at the beach. We’re supposed to think about those who fought for our freedom on this day. I hear on the radio, on tv and even via the internet how we’re supposed to honor those who fight. The truth is that I cannot possibly understand. I am lucky because I don’t have a spouse or a parent or a child fighting in another country and never have. I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night wondering if a loved one was hurt or worse. I don’t know how I would handle that, especially since I’m a natural worrier. I’d probably give myself an ulcer. Sometimes I feel like I should apologize for not having the intimate understanding.

This is Memorial day, a day to reflect on our nation and those who support it. So, thank you all those who have fought, members of the military, and the families of those members. Thank you from someone who has not shared that experience and hopes not to. Now, I’m off to the beach!