Baby Dress In Progress

Sorry for the long period of inactivity but I am really busy with school and work. I hardly have time to myself any more. I’m still working on the baby dress, although it is taking longer than it normally would. Since I found out that I’ve been purling incorrectly my entire life, I’ve restarted the baby dress and I’m now about 80% finished. I look forward to finishing it and sending it out. Too bad I can’t shrink myself and wear it. It is going to come out fabulous. I love knitting baby things. It’s like they were created just for knitting. Or is it the other way around. Unfortunately with my lack on time, it is being worked on during lunch breaks and in the few minutes I spend each night in bed before sleep hits (or in my case before I decide to put my head on the pillow and wish for sleep.) I can’t wait to show pictures.