Niddy Noddy

Homemade Niddy Noddy


For anyone who begins spinning, you will soon realize that you need more tools than just a spinning wheel. Once you have spun your initial wool into yarn, most will then ply it with another length of yarn to create a stronger and better looking yarn. After that you will want to create a hank by winding your yarn onto a niddy noddy. These can be made of wood or pvc and are found online in many spinning/knitting related stores. I decided to make my own out of hardward store pvc and this is how I did it. 

Things you’ll need. 

4 – 4 1/2 inch piece of 1/2 inch pvc 

1- 12 inch piece of 1/2 inch pvc 

2- 1/2 inch pvc tee connectors 

4- 1/2 inch pvc end caps 

optional- pvc cement 

Either request that your pvc is cut into these pieces at the hardware store or cut them at home using an ordinary hand held saw. 

Fit 12 inch piece of pvc with tee connectors at either end. Use cement to hold in place (I found that my niddy noddy stayed together pretty well without it.) 

Place end caps on all four ends. 

Wind skein around niddy noddy and be happy! 

Niddy Noddy Pieces Uncut


Cutting the pvc
Attach the tee connectors


Spinning in the New Year

Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel

My mother gave me a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel for Christmas and it has been keeping me happily busy. After managing to put it together, then reading through the instructions, oiling everything up and then finding my stash of wool I had bought at the Fiber In two years ago, I began my new adventure of spinnning.

Things you should know about spinning wheels and spinning:

1- you have to oil it. My spinning wheel came with oil but I noticed online that people recommend using non additive motor oil as the cheap method. I also read online that the piece of leather on the flyer should be oiled every 15-30 minutes of use.

2- There is pencil roving available that is easier on newbies. It is predrafted so that you only have to draft minimally while becoming comfortable with spinning.

3- You will overtwist the yarn. The best way to slow down the twist while learning is to slow down the treadling. I want to immediately treadle like crazy because it’s what I’ve seen experienced spinners do. Slow down.

4- It is incredibly addicting and relaxing it. I’m enjoying my new spinning wheel and playing with yarn. I’ve already made a ball of yarn out of it and knit a pair of socks.